YouTube ads will help you find showtimes during movie trailers


You can’t officially escape YouTube ads unless you pay, but you’ll soon get to do a lot more with those ads. YouTube is “exploring” ad extensions that go beyond basic business info and forms.

You can get local showtimes for a movie while you’re watching its trailer, for instance. Other extensions would let you download an app, or book a trip while you’re watching an ad for a sunny vacation spot.

YouTube didn’t say how likely it was that you’d see these new ad features, or when they’d arrive if everything goes smoothly. However, it’s likely to be more a matter of “when” than “if.” The features are helpful to you as a viewer if you’re interested enough to take action, but they’re particularly important for advertisers wondering whether or not people are responding to their ads.

It’s difficult to convince people to watch a full ad, let alone make them click a link. Features like showtimes would make it clear that you’re paying attention, even if you don’t end up buying tickets.