Your kids’ expensive hobbies could ruin your family


Too many after-school clubs and expensive hobbies for children can damage families, a study claims.

Cramming in extra-curricular sports, music lessons and other activities often causes rows between parents over who ferries the kids about and the costs involved.

The youngsters themselves can end up exhausted as they race between home, classes and after-school clubs, while time spent as a family is cut.

Experts say the resulting bad atmosphere in the home can put marriages at risk and have an adverse effect on children’s well-being.

A York University study found 88 percent of primary school age kids have organized sessions four to five days a week.

Nearly six in ten do more than one in an evening with overly-competitive parents getting the blame. One mum said: “You think everybody else is doing it so you should do it too.

“Some people do things every night. They’ve got Brownies, football, tennis and karate. There’s a lot of peer pressure.”

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