Why millennials are drinking less


In case you’ve missed it, millennials aren’t drinking as much — with many straight-up tossing booze aside for a life without hangovers, according to The Atlantic.

“I drank pretty regularly in my 20s, especially in social situations,” Leanne Vanderbyl, of San Francisco, tells the magazine. “It wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I realized that alcohol was no longer my friend.”

Atlantic writer Amanda Mull says she interviewed more than 100 Americans in their 20s and 30s over the past few weeks “who have begun to make similar changes in their drinking habits or who are contemplating ways to drink less.”

She also spoke to Britta Starke, an addictions therapist and the program director of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center at the University of North Carolina, who has “noticed some worrying attitudinal trends toward alcohol among her younger patients.”

“There does come a time when there has to be some introspection,” Starke said. “Folks in the millennial generation have maybe a better sense of balance. Some do yoga or meditation or are physically active, so they don’t need to find stimulation and stress reduction in substances.”

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