Why liberals and big tech companies broke up


Elizabeth Warren’s latest fight with Facebook over allegations of censorship is the latest piece of evidence that Democrats running for president see big tech companies as enemies of the progressive agenda, rather than the allies they once were.

Warren’s complaint last week that the social media giant “has too much power” might have been a shock coming from a prominent Democrat just a few years ago, when Barack Obama’s public appearances with CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey were typical for a party seeking to boost its appeal to tech-savvy young voters.

But this year’s Democratic presidential field is sounding a much different message — from Bernie Sanders’ complaints about Amazon’s wages and tax avoidance to Amy Klobuchar’s pledge to enact data privacy laws.

The hard turn against the technology industry from prominent Democrats represents a major cultural change in the party — and a real threat to Silicon Valley’s political influence with liberals who may share tech workers’ political sensibilities but are diverging from the industry on fundamental issues about privacy, business practices and taxes.

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