Where Yankees’ top prospect Estevan Florial goes from here


Yankees top prospect Estevan Florial only has to look down the dugout to face his cautionary tale. It’s as old as baseball: highly touted up-and-comer has his dream squashed by injuries.

Florial’s manager Aaron Holbert lived it.

“I was a guy that was often injured and it’s tough,” says Holbert, the first-year High-A Tampa manager. “It’s tough, year after year, you set goals for yourself, you have an idea of where you want to end up.”

And then all of a sudden the injured list comes calling.

Holbert, now 46, was a Cardinals’ first-round pick, 18th overall, in 1990. He played one MLB game in 1996, and another 22 in 2005, mostly as a pinch-hitting second baseman. Holbert wasn’t quite the prospect Florial is, though.

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