What’s at stake on Cyber Monday


It sounds outdated, but Cyber Monday is still a thing.The day of online sales was invented by retailers in the early days of the internet.

It made sense because people had poky dial-up connections at home and faster ones at work. Plus everyone’s feet were tired from all that schlepping through the mall all weekend.

Now of course we all shop a lot online and on apps, whenever we want.And there’s not really a difference between online stores and physical ones. Even Amazon, which effectively invented online shopping, has storefronts.

But that doesn’t stop companies from doubling down on sales on Monday.Cyber Monday 2018 is expected to be the largest online shopping day in history, generating a whopping $7.8 billion in sales, a more than 17% increase from the previous year, according to Adobe Analytics, which tracks online sales.

inRead invented by Teadshe Gap, which is struggling, is offering 50% off every item, plus an additional 10% on online specials and free shipping. Kohl’s (KSS) is offering 20% off of all items between Saturday November 24 and Wednesday November 28, in what it’s billed as Cyber Week. Shoppers there can also get $15 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent.

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