What to expect from E3 2018


The Electronics Entertainment Expo is basically New York Fashion Week for the joystick crowd, five days brimming with an overwhelming number of media briefings and new game announcements. And now, E3 is upon us once again.

Despite Walmart Canada’s leak of alleged product listings last month, there are still a lot of question marks for this year’s show. As always, the Engadget crew will be on the ground, bringing you all the news as it unfolds in downtown LA. Sony has come out and said not to expect a new hardware announcement from its keynote this year. Microsoft and Nintendo both released new consoles in the past year, too, so barring any wild surprises, this should be the first E3 in a while that’s all about software. You know, the reasons we buy gaming consoles and PCs to begin with.


Late last year, Microsoft admitted that its first-party offerings were thin, and that to remedy its lack of exclusives, it would begin buying studios and games. That was six months ago, so expect to hear some news on that front. We’re all but guaranteed to hear even more about developer Rare’s plans for keeping Sea of Thieves players busy, too, now that its first expansion is out.

We haven’t heard anything about Crackdown 3 in awhile, and Microsoft promised that’d be out in time for spring. Redmond has been making a lot of noise about putting its first-party titles on its Game Pass subscription service day and date with retail, and at this point, Xbox chief Phil Spencer (or new head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty) taking the stage and announcing that Crackdown 3 is available to play for Game Pass subscribers during E3 week wouldn’t be shocking at all.

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