Warm and cold weather people are completely different


Are you a warm weather person or do you prefer your temperatures a little milder? New research unveils the difference between cold and warm weather people.

The study of 2,000 Americans saw results split by whether people preferred sunshine and hot weather breaks and compared these to the personalities and preferences of people who seek out cooler escapes.

Results found that if you consider yourself a little introverted, prefer cats to dogs and like to be the little spoon when cuddling, you probably prefer a city break over a beach vacation.

However, if you consider yourself to be an extrovert, prefer being the big spoon when cuddling and prioritize family time while on vacation then you would ideally find a beach or warm weather vacation.

The reality is that there are some interesting differences between those who enjoy warm weather vacations versus those who prefer colder weather trips.

On average those who like to head to the beach will make $51,138.60 compared to their cold-weathered counterparts who make a little more at $55,065.58.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Vayama looked into the traveling habits of 2,000 Americans and found that those who prefer cold weather destinations like to stay indoors, enjoy listening to classical music, and prefer the company of a cat instead of a dog.

This is in direct contrast to their warm-weathered friends who like to listen to pop and hip-hop and are more likely to be dog people.

Besides the general likes and dislikes associated with people who prefer one type of climate over another, their personalities are drastically different as well.

Warm-weathered people describe themselves as being outgoing and confident. But, those who prefer the cold climates admit to being shy, quiet, and sarcastic.

While those who prefer warm weather vacations differ from those who prefer cooler temps, what happens when your partner doesn’t like the same vacation climate as you? Like the six percent of Americans who claim their partner has a completely opposite vacationing perspective.


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