Twitter adds a true dark mode to its iOS app


While Twitter has had a night mode on mobile since 2016, the feature’s been missing something essential: a black color scheme. Up until today, Twitter’s Dark Mode was just a blue-and-gray user interface, designed to put less strain on your eyes. But now Twitter is adding more options to its iOS app.

Not only will you get a true, black-colored dark mode called Lights Out, but you can also start setting up your device to enable the feature automatically. Android users got that option in 2017, and Twitter is finally expanding it. So whenever the Twitter app for iOS knows it’s night time, it’ll turn it on all on its own, if you so choose.

If you still like the blue-and-gray dark mode better, which is now dubbed Dim, don’t worry because it’s not going anywhere. You’ll still be able to use it in the app, in case you want to use it over the black-and-white one.

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