Trump’s Hanoi Hail Mary failed to score


His presidency under siege at home and with his own open musing about the prospects of a Nobel prize, President Donald Trump flew to the other side of the world to meet one of the world’s most notorious tyrants on a long-shot peace mission.

But his Hail Mary pass didn’t work.

He needed a win and a distraction given a day-long congressional hearing at home in which his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen painted a devastating picture of the President’s character and effectively accused him of crimes on Wednesday.

For once, Trump’s attempt at counter-programming failed when the summit with Kim Jong Un broke up early with no agreement. It left the North Korea initiative — on which Trump has played huge political capital — in doubt.

It was embarrassing for the President and a big disappointment to anyone who understands how devastating a war on the Korean peninsula would be and would like to see the world’s last Cold War confrontation consigned to history.

Washington’s decision to offer Kim equal billing with the world’s most powerful man — a priceless propaganda coup — in two major summits and Trump’s entire impromptu and ego-centric negotiating style is now open to question.

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