Trump re-establishes U.S. Space Command


President Donald Trump on Tuesday ordered the Pentagon to establish a new U.S. Space Command as another step toward his goal of establishing a separate military Space Force.

Vice President Mike Pence said the new command, like other major warfighting headquarters, will include troops from all the branches of the military. It will be tasked with confronting the growing threats to American space assets from Russia and China, he announced at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the command is set to be based.

“For years, foreign nations have been developing electronic weapons to jam, blind, and disable satellites,” Pence said. “China and Russia are working to station new weapons directly in space and frankly these new challenges demand new and innovative responses, and that’s precisely what we’ve been providing.”

Pence added that the president will sign a new presidential directive in the coming days laying out the administration’s plan to stand up a Space Force.

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