Trump Organization prepares for a fight if Democrats win


The Trump Organization, already hamstrung by self-imposed restrictions and costly legal bills, could face new headaches if Democrats take control of either the House or Senate this fall and demand the company divulge closely guarded information, including reports on profits and operations.

Over the past two years, congressional Democrats have targeted President Donald Trump’s business in the name of fighting possible corruption and ensuring his personal bottom line doesn’t factor into public policy.
If Democrats secure a majority in either chamber, they’ll lead important committees and have the power to launch inquiries and compel testimony and records from the Trump Organization and its executives. So far, Democrats have had to resort to asking for voluntary cooperation from Republicans since they don’t have subpoena power. They’ve also launched an unsuccessful lawsuit to obtain documents related to Trump’s hotel in Washington, DC.
“The worst thing for the business would be a change of control in Congress,” said one source familiar with the family business. “Business and politics are separate, but they impact each other.”
The firm has been documenting transactions and organizing records, bracing for a fight over allegations the President is violating anticorruption clauses in the Constitution, according to the source.
The Trump Organization did not respond to CNN’s numerous requests for comment for the issues raised in this story.