Trump hails new trade deal and his own negotiating tactics


President Donald Trump on Monday celebrated his administration’s renegotiation of NAFTA, calling the new deal with Canada and Mexico “historic news” that will be a boon for the US economy.The President attributed the successful renegotiation, which marked the fulfillment of a key campaign promise, to his hard-nosed negotiating tactics and his willingness to impose new tariffs.

Reveling in his victory, Trump made clear he will continue to draw from the same playbook — one that has made Wall Street and top Republicans in Congress queasy — as he looks to renegotiate trade deals with other countries.

“Without tariffs, we wouldn’t be talking about a deal,” Trump said. “Just for those babies out there that talk about tariffs — that includes Congress, ‘Please don’t charge tariffs’ — without tariffs, we wouldn’t be standing here.”
US and Canadian officials reached a deal late Sunday night, a month after the US brokered an agreement with Mexico and Trump threatened to exclude Canada from the three-party framework.
“To me the fact that we got a good agreement is all the evidence you need that the President’s approach is the good approach, is the right approach. If you’re not willing to walk away from an agreement, you’re not gonna get one, right?” Lighthizer told reporters after Trump’s Rose Garden news conference.
Trump, who has long railed against NAFTA, once again called the original agreement “the worst trade deal perhaps ever made” and described the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement — dubbed the USMCA — as a boon for American farmers, US manufacturing and improve labor standards.