Trump brings back call for term limits


President Donald Trump said Monday he favored efforts by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to create term limits for Congress.

“I recently had a terrific meeting with a bipartisan group of freshman lawmakers who feel very strongly in favor of Congressional term limits,” he tweeted. “I gave them my full support and endorsement for their efforts. #DrainTheSwamp.”
The group of first-term House members — both Republican and Democrat — met with the President on Wednesday to discuss their idea to cap the number of years that members of Congress can serve. It’s a common reform proposal made by politicians but has yet to gain much traction.
Imposing term limits would require a constitutional amendment, a rare and difficult proposal that would need approval from two-thirds of the House and Senate, or two-thirds of state legislatures at a convention. It would then need to be ratified by the states.
While members of the bipartisan group have already introduced bills calling for term limits, Rep. Mike Gallagher, a Republican from Wisconsin, said they plan to merge their bills to create one united effort.
“We’re going to combine our bills together and really try to push the thing. I think that would be a complete, complete paradigm shift,” Gallagher said in a Facebook video as he was leaving the White House last week.