Trump beats Obama at the lying game


Even the harshest critics of Donald Trump have to concede that the President excels at one thing  lying. And he does so far more than his predecessor ever dared to. As the Washington Post recently quantified, Trump has served up over 3,000 lies or misleading statements since taking office, which comes out to a dizzying rate of 6.5 every single day.

In fact, on Friday when Trump gave an interview to Fox News on the White House lawn, he served up a buffet of lies including one that would make Pinocchio blush. While on his favorite network, Trump falsely claimed that the immoral and inhumane policy of separating children from their parents who cross the border illegally was a “Democrat’s law.” In reality, it is not a law, but a policy of zero tolerance that the Trump administration introduced this year and one which Trump certainly has the power to change.
Despite Trump’s well-documented lies, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon said Sunday on ABC that Trump has never lied. When pressed by the host “You think the President’s never lied?,” Bannon responded: “Not to my knowledge, no. Except when he called me Sloppy Steve.” (Bannon deserves an award for keeping a straight face while saying that!)
Some Republicans, like Rick Santorum, can acknowledge Trump lies at an alarming rate, and yet still defend some of his lies by contrasting them to the Obama presidency. “I think the substance of the previous president’s lies were much more important than the substance of what the crowd size was at the inaugural.” If Trump’s only lie was about the crowd size at his inauguration, that argument might have some credibility. But, in reality, Trump has told numerous lies since then and several to justify his deeply troubling policies, including his Friday remarks on his zero-tolerance policy.