Tiny cocktails are the latest bar trend flooding Instagram


Honey, they shrunk your cocktails.

Tiny tipples — complete with miniature garnishes and ever-so-slight buzzes — are becoming the itsy-bitsy menu stars at local bars.

At East Village gastropub Boulton and Watt, four teensy cocktails — $7 and 1 ¹/₂ ounces of alcohol apiece — come with a gimmicky, Stuart Little-sized menu and an antique-looking magnifying glass to read it.

The new petite potables are already a hit on Instagram, says Boulton and Watt’s head bartender Josh Cameron.

“We were actually joking that we should get small shakers to mix each one of them in, but that might not work on a Saturday night where there is a line of people waiting for a drink,” Cameron, who batch-makes the cocktails for efficiency’s sake, tells The Post.

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