This is Donald Trump’s America


Dig into the numbers and things get even grimmer. Among white Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, fully 47% say it would bother them, a lot (20%) or some (27%), to hear a language other than English spoken in public.

Just one in four (26%) of that group said hearing a foreign language in public wouldn’t bother them at all. (By contrast, 58% of white Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said hearing a language other than English wouldn’t bother them at all.)

Numbers like those go a long way in explaining how someone like Donald Trump — a political gadfly with nor real set ideology — marched to the Republican presidential nomination, won the White House and has overseen a total overhaul of the GOP since becoming President.

Trump’s candidacy was premised on the fear of the other. People who didn’t think like you and, yes, look like you, were taking over this country. And they were taking it from you. (The “you” tended to be whites — and men in particular.) The whole notion of “Make America Great Again” was that a) it wasn’t great now and b) at a time in the past — before PC culture took over — it was great.

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