This company wants to turn NBA millionaires into tech investors


From the outside it looks like an ornate, manicured church. But inside, uniformed attendants appear from behind the doors and usher visitors toward a coat check.

Propped on small ledges high above the main room, six lifelike collared bears create an almost unsettling atmosphere as they lean toward the people below, pulling against the chains that tether them to the wall. It’s clear this is no longer a religious house of worship.

It’s here in the St. Joseph’s Art Society that Andre Iguodala, a 15-year NBA veteran and burgeoning tech investor, was celebrated in an after-party for the third annual Players Technology Summit on Thursday night. (The summit is presented by Bloomberg and Iguodala is a co-host.)
The event for Iguodala, a member of the Golden State Warriors, had brought together a mix of CEOs, professional athletes and select members of the Bay Area tech scene, including entrepreneurs Hosain Rahman and Jeff Fowler. The music was loud, alcohol was passed around by the trayful, and people from different industries mingled freelyt.