The seeds of Biden’s democracy speech sprouted long before the Mar-a-Lago search


White House

But the actions of Trump and his supporters, along with threats of violence, sped up Biden’s need to address the nation.

President Joe Biden speaks outside Independence Hall, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, in Philadelphia. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

By Sam Stein, Eugene Daniels and Jonathan Lemire

09/03/2022 08:38 AM EDT

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President Joe Biden’s speech warning about an assault against American democracy — by Donald Trump and his core followers — was an election-season call to arms unlike anything in modern American history.

It also was months in the making.

Aides said that Biden had been planning to give a version of Thursday night’s address since this past June, relaying he wanted to speak on what he saw as increasingly grave threats to the nation’s democracy. But events continued to get in the way of its delivery. Pressure built over the past few weeks, they said, amid a number of developments.

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