The Roborock S6 is so much more than a vacuum


The Roborock S6 is a feature-packed device that will help you keep a tidy and orderly home.

Roborock has been delivering top notch home cleaning devices since 2016 when it got in the robot vacuum game. The Beijing-based company, known for creating highly intelligent and efficient devices, has proven to be a worthy rival to many of the more established competitors in the robotic home cleaning device space.

Roborock’s latest device, the┬áRoborock S6, drops in US retailers on Wednesday, June 26th. The device contains 14 types of sensors, is equipped with laser navigation, can vacuum and mop at the same time…and has its own robot voice.

Laying eyes on the S6 for the first time was a pleasure. The device is sleek, polished, and all white. It has a nearly flat top, except for a small raised section in its center that contains the laser distance and height sensors.

In addition to the vacuum itself, the box includes a water tank, reusable and disposable mop cloths, a mounting plate for the mop cloths, a charging dock, a power cable, and a damp-proof mat that attaches to the charging dock to make sure wet mop cloths don’t ruin your floor. The box also includes a replacement air and water filter.

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