The problem with the Galaxy Fold


Take a look at the Galaxy Fold’s 68 official images on Samsung’s press site, and see if you can work out what’s missing. Or watch the promotional clipand tell me what you find odd about it. No, I’m not talking about how weird that tiny outside screen is. Instead, it’s the thing Samsung went to painstaking lengths to avoid talking about at is “Unpacked” keynote yesterday. It’s an issue facing all folding phones, really: the fold gap.

This is the Galaxy Fold… folded. Just look at the outline of the device. The image comes from the reveal video, which is the single piece of media that shows this angle. (Even then, it’s only for two seconds.) In it, you can see a clear, and frankly glaring, gap between the two parts of the phone where it hinges.

The gap appears to be a hair wider than the two “phone” parts are thick — perhaps it’s about 10mm — which might not sound a lot, but it makes the Fold an even stranger device than it first appears.

For years people joked about every new phone just being “a black rectangle.” Here, Samsung has made a black triangle. Okay, a triangular prism. And those sides aren’t very black. The point is: This thing doesn’t fold flat.

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