The one word Trump won’t say in the United Kingdom


Just days after his trip to Japan, President Donald Trump is headed to the United Kingdom, Ireland and France, where leaders are likely bracing themselves for a heavy dose of the President’s usual antics: meddling in other countries’ politics, lambasting US allies, and using time on foreign soil to lash out at domestic enemies.

While few expect Trump to do substantial work overseas this week, the President’s burgeoning frequent flier status carries substantial risks.

Taking the show on the road
Trump has treated much of his own presidency as a 2020 campaign rally. And he might use his time overseas to interfere in other countries’ politics.

The United Kingdom, one of our closest allies, is grappling with an existential political crisis, and Trump and his team haven’t missed an opportunity to interfere. In March, Donald Trump Jr. weighed in and threw his support behind Brexit, writing that Prime Minister Theresa May should have taken his father’s advice. Trump Jr. didn’t specify what that advice was, although May said last year that the President told her to “sue the EU.”

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser John Bolton said, “The US preference is for Britain to follow the course of what the people asked for and leave the EU.” Rather than supporting two of our allies — the UK and the EU — through this unprecedented period, the Trump administration interfered and purported that Trump’s advice would have forestalled the current Brexit impasse.

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