The idealism at Davos is real. So is the class divide


The crisp white snow sparkles off stunningly high mountain peaks, a gorgeous backdrop for the thousands of the world’s elite gathered here every year for the World Economic Forum.

Inside the world’s issues from inequality to climate change are being tackled.
I have to cover my face as I walk up to the main conference center – not for the freezing cold temperatures, but because of the exhaust from the traffic and idling private cars. They’re waiting for their VIPs, some of whom arrived via the 270 private jets the forum estimates were used to travel to the event.

My first Davos, the name of the Swiss ski resort down that’s become synonymous with this annual World Economic Forum conference, was a whirlwind of panels, writing articles, live shots, interviews, meetings and events.
On the one hand it was like a reunion of the world’s most elite in business, politics and even royalty. For a reporter – a dream. In just one day at Davos, CNN conducted 30 high level live interviews on air.

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