The first space hotel is going to be out of this world


Plush guest suites with padded beds? Check. High-speed wireless internet? Check. Large windows that look out over Earth as you orbit it every 90 minutes? Check.

No, this isn’t your ordinary hotel.

These are just a few features of Aurora Station — a modular space station that’s billed as the world’s first luxury space hotel — which revealed these interior details on Thursday.

Other amenities inside the 12-by-35-foot-long station include zero-gravity pingpong and high-quality space food.

Aurora Station, developed by tech company Orion Span, was first announced in 2018.

Of course, traveling to space on holiday requires far more preparation than just packing a suitcase. As The Post reported following last year’s announcement, travelers need a health screening and a three-month certification to snag their spot.

The trip also requires a significant chunk of change. The deposit, fully refundable, is $80,000 per person; the 12-day trip sets each traveler back at least $9.5 million.

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