The crooked car rental industry might be improving


I travel a lot, and the car rental industry — all brands — should truly be investigated for their business practices.

Please continue your research, as you’ll find an incredibly dishonest group of people. D.R.

Dear D.R. As you know, I’ve been on this case for a while. The price these companies quote should be the price customers pay.

But let me say this: I rented a car through Advantage (booked on Expedia) recently, and I had absolutely no trouble.

And that was shocking to me.

Dear John: I agree that you get a better drink at the bar.

If one orders a serious drink, bartenders treat it seriously, which means no Martini Interruptus. Perhaps it is a larger pour, too. I do watch.

If I have a drink at the bar, then go in to dinner, I do settle and tip in cash. J.G.

Dear J.G. But logic would say to go to the bartender first and say, “Hey, if you treat me right in the glass, I’ll take care of you with cash.”

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