The capitalist socialist populist manifesto of Democrats in 2020


Democrats are all over the map this year.

They’ve got a Wall Street billionaire, an anti-Wall Street crusader, a California prosecutor, a Midwestern populist, a New England socialist and a guy from Texas on a road trip.
They’ve got populists and capitalists and progressives and moderates. They’ve got former Republicans and established statesmen.

Some want a single-payer health care system. Some want a private system. Some want both.

Elizabeth Warren is going to tax the rich. Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think that’s constitutional. Howard Schultz left the party to run as an independent. Bernie Sanders is still an independent, but his effort to drag the party more toward his progressive priorities has paid off.

These people who either are or may run in a primary against each other share little other than a D next to their name and the urgent desire to defeat Donald Trump on Election Day next year.

No matter who stands to accept the nomination, it will disenfranchise someone taking an interest in the primary this year.

Even Trump-hating conservatives like George Will are picking favorites. (His is Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator thinking about running, who is “liberal enough to soothe other liberals without annoying everyone else.)

Parties that sustain a wealth of ideas make for successful majorities. But the breadth of opinion represented among people who might run as Democrats represents almost the entire political spectrum. Here’s an effort to sort them by what we know. Note: We don’t know a lot yet since many of these people have said they support universal health care, for instance, but haven’t said how they’ll get there.

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