The best time to take your first couples vacation


The first vacation with your new partner can be tricky. Will you come back even more in love or will you come back without a partner at all?

Well, according to research, new couples should take their first vacation together 10 months into the relationship for best results.

A new study on the “baecation” looked at how couples navigate their first trip together, and found the smoothest vacation happens when couples have been together for just short of a year.

Timing is obviously crucial, as results confirmed that the first time traveling with a new partner really can be a make-or-break moment — the survey found that 37 percent fell in love on their first vacation with a significant other, while 23 percent broke up because of the trip.

In encouraging news, 88 percent of respondents said their first “baecation” was a success — even with planning, booking and budgeting for the trip leaving a quarter (24 percent) to be overwhelmed by the stress.

Commissioned by Visit Anaheim and conducted by OnePoll, the survey of 2,000 American adults who have traveled with a partner showed that even with a few bumps in the road, the first vacation together is generally a success story.

So much so, that over half of respondents (52 percent) have returned to the same destination of their first baecation.

But for a vacation to be successful, respondents say the most important factors are picking the right destination (69 percent), having a budget that works for both partners (61 percent) and good planning (60 percent).

Making sure you and your partner are serious about each other (51 percent) and being able to compromise (44 percent) were also contributing factors.

“We’re not surprised to learn that couples that travel together are happier — we see those happy faces in Anaheim every day,” Jay Burress, president & CEO of Visit Anaheim said.

“Exploring a new place definitely brings new couples together, especially when there is so much to experience in a destination like Anaheim.”

Three-quarters said their first trip had a positive effect on their overall relationship, while half (49 percent) reported a positive effect on how romantic they are with their partner.

And after traveling together for the first time, 74 percent reported feeling more comfortable with their partner.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. The most common disagreements were in regard to the destination (32 percent), where to stay (31 percent) and how long the vacation should be (29 percent).

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