The best new pizza slices in NYC are square


It’s hip to be square — at least when it comes to pizza.

Square slices are slowly gaining traction on the classic triangle — and some are ranking among the best pizza in NYC.

International pizza consultant Anthony Falco says the square’s appeal lies in its structure. “They’re very light and airy,” he tells The Post, “but also substantial.”

From the classic square Sicilian-style slice to the crisp, bubbly focaccia, consider this your field guide to four-cornered pies. Here are the best square pizza slices to try in NYC:

The Sicilian:

This classic New York slice began in Palermo, Italy as sfincione: a focaccia loaded with herbs, cheese and other toppings. Typically, it’s topped off with sauce, though some NYC spots swap the cheese and sauce layers.

Upside Pizza chef Noam Grossman, who opened up his pizza shop near Times Square this past January, built on tradition for his Sicilian-esque slice, the Upside Don ($4), but added a buttery, cheesy crust.

“Tradition is great, but if everyone stuck to tradition, we’d all be doing the same exact thing,” he says.

His square features fragrant Sicilian oregano, cheese, seasoned breadcrumbs and a top layer of thick tomato sauce on a 2-inch thick crust made with wheat flour — a trick some pizza makers use to give their dough flavor a little more earthiness.

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