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Court Gentry is flying on a CIA transport plane when a hooded passenger is brought on board; he’s flying to the UK, where he’ll be interrogated about a Langley mole. But when the plane lands in a UK air base, it is attacked by a mysterious group that then kidnaps the passenger. Gentry is the only one who escapes. From a bestselling co-author of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan thrillers.

Andrea Bartz (fiction, Crown)
What really happened the night that ‘It’ girl Edie died in 2009? Officially, it was a suicide; a note was found. Ten years later, when her best friend Lindsay finds video from that night, it leaves her asking whether Edie’s death was actually a murder — and whether she herself could have been involved.

Charlotte has superpowers thanks to a special drug that enables her to hunt down some of society’s most violent predators. But when a mission goes terribly awry, she’s looking for some time off and a reset in her new home. The only problem is, danger has followed her there.

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