The best and worst of politics in 2018


2018 is almost over! We’re going to make it to 2019! Hooray for us — or something.But before we forget 2018 completely, it’s worth revisiting the year that was. And in the finest tradition of the most important time in all of our lives — I’m talking about high school, obvi — I’m handing out some 2018 superlatives.

Florida is the swingiest big state in the country, and Scott just keeps on winning races there. After serving two terms as governor, his race against Sen. Bill Nelson (D) looked like something of an uphill climb given the Democratic winds blowing nationwide and Scott’s closeness to President Donald Trump.

But Scott, as he always does, wrote big personal checks to the campaign and emphasized that he wanted to go to Washington to shake things up while Nelson had spent decades in elected office and just couldn’t be a change agent. Scott, somehow, was able to avoid the worst of the associations with Trump — despite relentless attacks from Nelson’s campaign and a panoply of Democratic-aligned super PACs and other outside groups.

Scott didn’t win by much — around 10,000 votes out of more than 8 million cast — but he won. Nelson had faced weak GOP challengers in each of his past two races, yes. But knocking off an incumbent in a swing state is the hardest thing to do in politics. And Scott did it.

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