The 12 Trumpiest Members of Congress


Every Republican member of Congress has become, at the least, a little Trump-y. That’s been exemplified by their willingness to tolerate scandals without investigation, allow tainted appointees to remain at their posts, support the president’s agenda and, for the most part, turn a blind eye toward his inflammatory, divisive and often downright false rhetoric and tweets.

The following 12 lawmakers, however, are arguably the Trumpiest.

Many of them echo his alarming rhetoric. But all of them ― most importantly ― run interference for him and support his legislative to-do list reflexively, principles be damned. And they’ve all been complicit in the remaking of the GOP into a Donald Trump fiefdom, where the rank-and-file walk in lockstep to his command.

Regardless of what their political futures hold for them, history will remember these Republicans for their obedience and obsequiousness to Trump.


David Perdue (Georgia)

Perdue’s alliance with Trump should come as no surprise. He may lack the president’s flamboyance, but he shares a similar background with him ― Perdue was a longtime business executive with no prior political experience before his 2014 election to the Senate.

He genuinely seems at peace with Trump and his style of politics. And he has maintained unwavering loyalty to the president and his legislative agenda ― opposing GOP-led efforts to curtail his tariffs and advocating for his cuts to legal immigration.

“I’d say there’s been no more ardent supporter of the president” in the Senate than Perdue, Marc Short, the former White House legislative director, once said.

Perdue, 68, is so ride-or-die with Trump that, when the president at a private session with a few lawmakers said he didn’t want immigrants from “shithole countries,” Perdue ― and his Trumpkin buddy Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said they heard him say “shithouse.” As if that made any difference.

Orrin Hatch (Utah)

As Hatch, 84, brings his career to an end as the longest-serving Republican senator ever, he seems to live in an alternate universe where he praises the wildly unpredictable Trump as “one of the best” presidents he’s served under. And he’s gushed that the Trump tax cuts may lead to the “greatest presidency that we’ve seen, not only in generations, but maybe ever.”

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