Team Blas is still spending faster than the money comes in


If Mayor de Blasio can’t balance his budget in good times, how would he do it if the economy sours and revenue dries up?

That’s the troubling question the Citizens Budget Commission raised last week in a report noting that Team de Blasio spent more than it took in over the fiscal year that ended June 30.

Both the City Charter and state law require Gotham to balance its annual budget. But de Blasio was able to make ends meet last year only by prepaying some of its expenses with leftover funds from the prior year.

True, City Hall wound up with a surplus last year, too: $4.2 billion, not counting another $100 million that went to a retiree health-benefits fund. It rolled that extra money into this year’s budget.

But it wasn’t as much as what it had rolled in at the end of the 2018 fiscal year: $4.6 billion. And the $255 million difference, CBC notes, represents a shortfall between revenues and spending last year.

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