Study finds playing with your food makes you enjoy it more


Play with your food you might like it better.People enjoy dishes and drinks more when they consume them in unconventional ways, such as eating popcorn with chopsticks or lapping up water like a cat, according to a recent Ohio State University study.

The researchers conducted a few experiments to see how engaging with something in a new way, such as food, drinks and videos, influences the way people feel about the experience.

In one study, those who ate popcorn with chopsticks reported enjoying it more than those who ate the snack using their hands, as usual. They reported feeling “more immersed” in the dining experience and it helped “intensify the taste” and got them to “focus on the food.”

“It’s like eating popcorn for the first time,” Robert Smith, co-author of the study and an assistant professor of marketing at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, said in his report. “This suggests chopsticks boost enjoyment because they provide an unusual first-time experience, not because they are a better way to eat popcorn.”

Because of course it’s not a better way to eat popcorn — in fact, 43 percent of Americans said in a YouGov survey that they are “not very good” or “terrible” at using chopsticks and a quarter have never even tried to use them.

But on the bright side, you’ll be so busy struggling to snag each kernel that you won’t see the side-eye from others staring at you in the movie theater. (Plus, you paid how much for that popcorn? You may as well get your money’s worth by taking the time to enjoy it.)

In another test, 300 people were asked to come up with their own “fresh, new and fun” ways to sip water – which naturally led to methods like swirling it out of martini glasses and lapping it with their tongues like cats.

And those who drank water in quirky ways also enjoyed it more than those who drank it normally. Because what’s more fun than taking 20 minutes to quench your thirst? Getting your eight recommended glasses of water daily will take the entire day, but at least you’ll have fun doing it.

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