Stop expecting your job to make you happy


The career site recently released its latest job-satisfaction survey, and all but four of the top-20 happiness-producing lines of work ­bring in less than $100,000 a year on average. Lawyer, doctor and investment banker are absent from the list.

In our work- and status-obsessed society, that’s a revelation.Somewhere along the way, we Americans decided that work should bring us bliss, not just provide us with the cash needed to purchase shelter and food.

We have tied work closely to our overall life satisfaction — indeed, to our very identities. It isn’t surprising, then, that our jobs are letting us down.

It isn’t just our own jobs, either. We’re preoccupied with how much money other people are making. The Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez platforms depend on voters caring very much about the salaries of those around them.

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