Spotify event series offers aspiring artists music industry tips


Spotify appears to be on a mission to aid emerging artists as much as possible, with efforts including allowing them to upload music directly to the streaming service and offering some of them advances for licensing their work. The latest plan to help them out is a series of events designed to connect them with music industry experts and provide them with advice.

The Co.Lab series will kick off in the coming months in New York and Los Angeles. Among the topics the events will focus on are revenue streams, collaboration, touring, merchandise and release strategies. As well as giving artists the chance to meet the experts, Spotify hopes they’ll build out their networks with other attendees and perhaps collaborate with them down the line.

Registrations are open for the first five events. You’ll need to be 21 or older, and verified on Spotify for Artists. Space is limited, so Spotify will prioritize those with at least 1,000 followers.