Sorry, haters: Aquaman is actually cool


He’s battled sea kings and shark gods. Now, Aquaman faces his most potent foe yet: ridicule.The half-human, half-Atlantean king of the seas has been around just as long as Batman, Wonder Woman and many of the other classic superheroes. Yet for some reason, he has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the spandex crowd. No respect.

The new movie “Aquaman” hopes to change all that.“My job was to kind of come in and make this guy cool,” star Jason Momoa told “Entertainment Weekly” over the summer.

It remains to be seen if anything can make a character subject to so much ridicule cool again. (Although the $200 million the studio reportedly spent on the flick is a good start.)Aquaman, who can breathe underwater and has super strength, has become a walking — and swimming — punch line. He’s been mocked on “Entourage,” “The Big Bang Theory” and “Family Guy.”

He’s been slammed by generations of comedians, including Dave Chappelle, who wondered, “Who would want to be Aquaman? The powers are only good underwater. And you can talk to the fish? What the hell would you want to say to a fish?”

“Even in nerd circles, if you’re a fan of Batman or Superman, no one will question that,” says Rob Kelly, a New Jersey superfan who co-hosts “The Fire and Water Podcast” about the character. “If you say you’re fan of Aquaman, you get a ‘What?!’ ”

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