‘Sit on Satan’s Lap’ New Mexico fundraiser draws ire


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A New Mexico art collective is spurring outrage and ire for their pandemic relief fundraiser.

The Albuquerque art group, Antlion Entertainment Art Collective, was originally supposed to be “Sit on Santa’s Lap” but, due to a typo, turned into “Sit on Satan’s Lap”.

“There was actually a typo, a clerical error and I just kind of rolled with it because everyone needs the money, money is tight right now,” an anonymous artist behind the fundraiser told local news station KRQE. The artist now wants to be referred to as “Satan” although it is unclear if it is his lap people will be sitting on.

The event is scheduled to take place at the University of New Mexico’s Johnson Field on Dec. 19 and costs $6.66 to attend.

“They’re hosting an event where I will be behind a barrier with only my knee exposed and so children can sit on my lap and get what they want for Christmas because Santa is hiding out like a coward and I’m willing to step up to the plate,” “Satan” told the station.

On the site, the fundraiser notes: “How many people have been saved by prayer? Zero. How many have been saved by wearing a mask? 130,000!

God: 0.

A little piece of cloth: 130,000.

The numbers don’t lie!

Don’t put your money in the church collection plate; put it to actual use instead.”

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