Sean Hannity reveals the real Donald Trump


On Thursday night, Donald Trump did a 45-minute phone interview with Fox News’ flagship face: Sean Hannity.

That, on its own, is, well, odd. The President of the United States spending 45 minutes on the phone with a conservative talk show host isn’t something that happened ever before. And may not happen ever again.  Also, sort of weird in that Hannity hosts a TV show and TV is a visual medium — not exactly the preferred medium for an extended phone interview.

But it’s not just that Trump did it that is so startling. (In fact, calling into cable shows has been a regular Trump practice since the 2016 campaign and even before). It’s what Hannity and Trump talked about.
I went through the most remarkable 45 lines from the 45-minute interview, but suffice it to say that it was a miasma of conspiracy theorizing, fact-free “analysis” and martyrdom.