Rich people are spending $15K to sleep better on flights


Sleep is a luxury — even for the rich.Indeed, private jet companies tell Marketwatch that a better night’s rest is one of the top demands of their clients and they’re willing to pay more for it. “It’s a big trend in the private jet market,” Adam Twidell, the founder of PrivateFly, a global booking platform for private jet charters, tells MarketWatch. “There’s more emphasis on sleeping better.”

Suran Wijayawardana, the CFO of private aviation firm Alerion, recalls a recent private jet buyer “whose main criteria was to be able to sleep four people on the aircraft.” The buyer wanted to fly primarily from offices on the West Coast to offices on the East Coast and get sleep on the way so work hours weren’t missed. “In this current time, effective rest and sleep is a part of the value proposition of purchasing an aircraft,” he says.

Sleep is also a priority when booking a private jet charter. “We see travelers choosing higher-priced nonstop flights over less expensive, fuel-stop flights simply for the better rest and uninterrupted sleep.

That hour of a fuel stop could have saved $15,000, but sleep is a bigger priority,” says PrivateFly’s Twidell. For example, on one popular route (Miami to London), while the client could have gotten to the destination for a starting price of $75,000 one-way if they made a stop, many of his ultra-rich clients will instead pay $90,000 to go nonstop so they can sleep uninterrupted, he explains.

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