Ariana Grande Teases New Collaboration With Nicki Minaj


Ariana Grande has been keeping fans on their toes with a steady stream of hints and teasers about her new music. Last month, she had Arianators frantically googling about REM sleep, and a few weeks ago, she finally revealed the details about her upcoming album Sweetener — along with the names of a few of the new tracks.

It seems as though one of the songs is going to be a collab with Nicki Minaj, as fans have surmised from Ariana’s most recent tweet. Ari took to Twitter earlier this evening, May 27, to share a 20-second clip of “The Light Is Coming” (one of the titles that she recently confirmed while appearing on The Tonight Show). In the clip, Ariana is singing along to the song, and it definitely sounds like Nicki’s voice is on the track as well.

Needless to say, Ariana’s followers soon went bananas, responding in tweets full of all-caps. “I AM SHAKING,” one fan wrote. Another tweeted: “I AM SPEECHLESS OMG THE LIGHT IS COMING IS COMING.” Of course, there was no shortage of funny reaction pictures, totally summing up the excitement that Arianators are feeling all over social media.

In addition to the sheer joy of upcoming music, plenty of fans probably felt a little vindicated, as there had been a bubbling suspicion that a new Ariana/Nicki collab was in the works. A few weeks ago, Ariana tweeted about how much she loves Nicki, along with a few words that some fans interpreted as song lyrics. (However, Ariana later tweeted again to note that sometimes “I’m going to tweet things that aren’t lyrics.” Fair enough.) At this point, Nicki hasn’t said anything about the song on her social media channels, but it’s only a matter of time, right? In the meanwhile, I’ll be listening to these 20 seconds over and over until the full song drops.

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