Ranking the top 5 2020 storylines to watch this week


With 239 days until the Iowa caucuses and a record number of Democratic candidates, the 2020 election is already in full swing. Every Sunday, I round up the 5 BIG storylines you need to know to understand the upcoming week on the campaign trail. And they’re ranked — so the No. 1 story is the most important of the coming week.

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5. Sunday reading: Here’s what I am reading today — and what you should read too! I read everything Peter Baker writes in The New York Times, including this one on President Donald Trump’s self-created crisis with Mexico. I also really liked this WaPo story on how the impeachment fight is very personal for lots of House Democrats. Jeff Greenfield says no one knows anything about how the 2020 race is going to end. And you have to read this terrifying piece on YouTube and the alt-right.

4. Debate do-or-die: The deadline for 2020 Democrats to meet one of the two criteria to qualify for the first 2020 debates later this month in Miami comes up on Wednesday.

At the moment, 20 candidates have qualified by either securing at least 1% support in three polls from an approved list of pollsters or positing 65,000 individual donors to their campaign from 20 states. Thirteen of those 20 are ensured a spot because they have met both criteria.

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