Proof that wedding planning is hell


Planning a wedding is so expensive – and stressful – that six in 10 couples married in the last year seriously considered eloping.The figure emerged in a new study which examined how couples budget and pay for their weddings.

Sixty-four percent of couples married in the last year said they were forced to make sacrifices on their big day with 11 percent even having to delay their wedding for financial reasons.And while couples are struggling to afford their own wedding, they aren’t looking for it to be paid on their behalf either.

The research, commissioned by and conducted by OnePoll, examined how wedding budgets are formed and managed and found that modern marriages are much more likely to see couples dipping into their own pockets than relying on family payments.

In fact, while it may be the tradition for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, only 39 percent of women reported any contribution from their side of the family.That might explain why many recently married couples (63 percent) reported relying on personal savings to help pay for their wedding, according to the survey of 2,000 married American women.

Results showed that financial difficulties are becoming more common for couples as they plan and save for their wedding.One in five recently married couples (22 percent) reported a need to delay their proposal for financial reasons. This is a huge increase from the just 5 percent of couples who have been married for 15 years or longer who said they had to delay.