Pentagon diverts another $1.5 billion for Trump’s border wall


The Pentagon has diverted an additional $1.5 billion in Defense Department funds from various accounts in order to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters Friday.

He said the military has found a way to reprogram the $1.5 billion without harming readiness. However, he added that the Pentagon wouldn’t be diverting any more funds to the wall.

“I won’t be reprogramming any more money for the border wall,” Shanahan said. “There was a billion and a half dollars that was reprogrammed, some of it did come from money we are underrunning or saving or whatever terminology you want to use from Afghanistan. But we have very smart people here in the department and we found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness.”

Some of the diverted money will be taken from personnel accounts and an account for training and equipping Afghan security forces, according to a document provided to Congress and obtained by CNN.

The money will pay for “fence replacement on four additional projects in and around Tucson, AZ, and El Centro, TX, totaling 78.25 miles,” Pentagon spokesman Tom Crosson told CNN.The news comes as Shanahan has asked Congress for $1.8 billion in additional money for this fiscal year to help repair damage done to military installations by recent hurricanes.

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