Operation Contain the President


It is no longer tenable to pretend that concerns about the President’s character and judgment are simply partisan.As Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear” and a bombshell anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times make clear, the reality of the Trump presidency is even worse than it appears.

The new developments show that there seems to be a core cadre of administration officials who are serving primarily to contain the damage created by President Donald Trump. Critics — and Trump himself — may call them cowardly, treasonous or opportunistic, but in this civic stress test for our nation, they may be redefining what it means to be part of the patriotic resistance.
A clear consensus view has emerged over months of reporting, interviews and simple reading of the President’s own tweets: that the man is uncommonly petty, incurious and impulsive, with little to no fidelity to facts. Despite the best attempts to spin and normalize, life inside the White House seems to be best described as “crazytown” when compared to any other administration in our history.
By the Washington Post’s latest careful accounting, Trump states a lie or falsehood eight times a day — nearing 5,000 over the course of his 20 months in office. This is not in the same moral universe of past Presidents like “Honest Abe” Lincoln, or even politicians like FDR who were known to bend the truth to make a deal. Still, President Trump can state to Woodward with a straight face that his version of an accurate book would be one that shows “that nobody’s ever done a better job than I’m doing as President.”