‘Of course it’s genocide’: How Biden fulfilled a promise to Armenians that Obama wouldn’t


Foreign Policy

With regret and conviction, the Biden administration officially designates the slaughter of Armenians a “genocide.”

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, center, attends a memorial service at the monument to the victims of mass killings by Ottoman Turks, to commemorate the 106th anniversary of the massacre, in Yerevan, Armenia, on Saturday. | Tigran Mehrabyan/PAN Photo via AP


04/24/2021 01:23 PM EDT

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It was the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency when Aram Hamparian was headed out for lunch near Embassy Row and recognized a member of former President Barack Obama’s national security team.

The Armenian American who serves as executive director of an Armenian advocacy group braced for an awkward encounter.

It was Obama, after all, who left the Armenian community crestfallen when he reneged on a campaign promise that the United States would formally recognize as genocide the slaughter of up to 1.5 million Armenian civilians nearly a century earlier.

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