New Zealand company sells cans of ‘pure fresh’ air for $65


A New Zealand company wants you to pay for your next deep breath.

Kiwiana is catching some heat for selling duty-free cans of “pure fresh New Zealand air” at the Auckland airport, according to a tweet by journalist Damian Christie.

“You’ve got to be sh—g me. Also, $98, so not exactly a cute prank gift,” Christie wrote upon seeing the item.

The four-pack, which promises “the purest air you will ever breathe…harvested on the high ridges above the New Zealand snow line,” fetches about $100 New Zealand dollars, or $65 US, and claims to contain 130 to 140 “deep breathes” per can.

“New Zealand’s unique position in the Southern Ocean means KIWIANA AIR has crossed no major landmass before flowing over the pristine Southern Alps of New Zealand and into this can,” the package reads.

However, many on Twitter do not seem to be as impressed with the canned air — or the price tag.

“We have hit peak capitalism!” one user wrote.

“Isn’t this just *really* expensive huffing?” another joked.

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