New Starbucks training manual promotes ‘becoming color brave’


A 68-page guidebook and more than a dozen videos made up the majority of Starbucks’ hours-long racial bias training session on Tuesday, with much of the coffee seller’s revamped curriculum focused on identifying racial prejudices, learning to be “color brave,” and respecting customers and their spaces, according to materials made public by the coffee chain.

Meanwhile, the company’s “Third Place Policy” — which would allow anyone to hang out or use the restrooms in its stores, regardless of whether they purchase anything — has already been leading partners and customers to question how Starbucks can continue to function as a business and refrain from becoming a chain of “homeless drop-in centers.”

“Starbucks may find soon that its customers don’t want to be served coffee in a politically correct corporate homeless shelter,” pondered Jeremy Carl in an Op-Ed article for Fox News.

As part of Starbucks’ efforts to start “renewing Starbucks as a place where all people feel welcome,” the chain closed down 8,000 of its company-operated stores on Tuesday afternoon “for a conversation and learning session on racial bias” with 175,000 of its employees, or “partners,” as Starbucks refers to them.

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