New parents will do almost anything for sleep


One in four new parents (27 percent) would live on only baby food for an entire year if it meant they’d finally get some sleep, according to new research.A new survey of 2,000 parents on the challenges of being a first-time parent found that the average parent loses a full third of their nightly sleep after having a baby.

And such is the decline in sleep quality that more than a quarter of parents would eat baby food if only their newborn’s sleep schedule would match theirs for the first year of infancy.

The sleep analysis found that parents’ nightly sleep fell from an average of six hours per night to just four hours once their baby arrived.

So it’s no surprise that when asked about the biggest challenge of being a new parent, loss of sleep came out on top (48 percent).

The new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Firm, also revealed that in the first year of being a parent, 33 percent of survey respondents said they fell asleep at work, and another one in five (22 percent) were so tired they fell asleep while standing up.

New parents also report that they hear some variation of “you look tired” 144 times a year.

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by in the first year of having a baby. So hard, in fact, that the average parent would have shelled out $1,598 just for an extra hour of quality sleep every night.