Netflix renews ‘BoJack Horseman’ for sixth season


Netflix might be ending long-running shows left and right, but there’s at least one series surviving the gauntlet. The service has renewedBoJack Horseman for a sixth season, guaranteeing that it will have a run at least as long as House of Cards.

There’s no mention of a tentative release window, but it’s safe to presume new episodes won’t come for a while when Netflix only just debuted the fifth season in September.The renewal isn’t a shock. Whatever you think of the quality of BoJack, the show is relatively accessible as a cartoon with an easily digestible format and a star-studded (and, we’d add, some decidedly adult themes).

It also serves as a form of marketing vehicle for Netflix, for that matter. The company’s deal for BoJack came at a time when it was willing to offer shows for eventual syndication, making it available to Comedy Central and other TV networks. The more episodes of BoJack there are, the more advertising Netflix gets — however indirect it might be.