Mueller’s grand jury is not done yet


A federal grand jury impaneled by special counsel Robert Mueller is still conducting a “robust on-going” investigation – even after his team has concluded its work and disbanded – a federal prosecutor testified Wednesday during a court hearing about a subpoena dispute with an an-unnamed, foreign-owned company.

The disclosure was made during an effort by media organizations to persuade the court to identify the foreign firm that has, thus far, refused to honor the subpoena issued by the Mueller team.

And it has added a new mystery to the already confounding dispute – why would the grand jury handling the Mueller case still be in the throes of a “robust” investigation if the special counsel’s work has concluded?

“I think it’s certainly surprising and newsworthy that this investigation is continuing robustly,” said Katie Townsend, the legal director for The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the organization that went to court seeking more information about the case.

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